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Testing Tips

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As a content creator and editor, you are responsible for making sure the content you provide meets accessibility standards.

For tips on making your content accessible check out Accessible Content Tips.

Text Area Accessibility Checker

Within any Text Area WYSIWYG editor on your site, you can utilize the provided accessibility checker to analyze and solve accessibility issues that are found with your content.

  1. Add your desired content within a Text Area on your site, or open a previously created Text Area.
  2. Within the editor options menu, click the Check Accessibility button.
accessibility checker button
  1. If no accessibility issues are found, you will be alerted to this.
  2. If accessibility issues are found, they will be highlighted for your review, along with quick fix options to correct the issue.

Testing Tools

A simple way you can check the accessibility on your page is by using the "Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool" at

If you find yourself repeatedly checking accessibility, you may want to install the WAVE extension. It's available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers at

For more comprehensive accessibility testing, you may want to consider a manual check. You can learn more at:


"Stanford University will make Stanford Websites and web‐based applications accessible to its students, faculty, staff and participants in the University’s programs and activities who have disabilities. All personnel who are involved in the procurement, preparation and maintenance of University Websites and web‐based applications should adopt this goal, with the assistance of campus resources dedicated to supporting web accessibility." - From