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Add content in Basic Page

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Paragraphs give you flexibility in how you add and lay out the content. 

Creating a new content Paragraph

  1. Select the Paragraph type you would like to create from this list.
    • Text Area paragraph provides a place for text and embedded images. 
    • Banner paragraph will display an image that spans the width of your content area. 
    • Card paragraph will display an image above the text. 
    • Media with caption paragraph will display media with a left-aligned caption underneath.
  2. Next, drag and drop that paragraph from the right of the Paragraph widget to the new row on the left of the Paragraph widget.
  3. This action will automatically open a pop-up for you to add content to your selected Paragraph type. 
  4. Authoring environment for paragraph demo
  5. For multiple Paragraphs per row, simply drag and drop an additional Paragraph type from the right of the Paragraph widget to the existing row. (Please note, some Paragraph types are restricted to one per row, like the Banner Paragraph.)
  6. Once you have added the Paragraph, you can arrange the Paragraph types in the order you would like them displayed within the row. 
add multi paragraphs per row


  • Deleted Paragraphs cannot be restored, but they can be recreated.
  • For most use cases, we recommend using a max of three Paragraphs per row.
  • Some Paragraph types, like the Banner, allow only one Paragraph per row.