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Add an image to a Banner or Card

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When you add a Banner or Card image, you’ll use Drupal’s Media handling.

To learn more about Media go to the Media section.

  1. While editing your Banner or Card, you’ll see an area to select the Add media button within the Banner or Card’s image section:
  2. The Media Library popup will appear and show all images available on site. You now have the option to select an existing image or upload an image by either drag and drop the files or Select files:
  3. To add your own images, locate your image on the computer drive. Once you find the image you would like to upload, drag and drop the image within the dotted lined box.
    Alternatively, you can click Select files to find and upload a locally stored image.
  4. After the image uploads, click Upload and Continue. 
  5. A popup will appear and you will be prompted to add Alternative text.
  6. Click Save and select. You will be redirected to the Media Library tab and the uploaded image should be automatically selected in that library. 
  7. Click Insert selected.