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Adding social media icons using Text Area

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In some use cases, you may want to link specific projects or groups to their corresponding social media accounts. You can download the social media icons provided below in this Google Drive folder and embed them using the Text Area WYSIWYG.  

  1. Choose your social media icon(s)
    • Icon, large version 
      example image of large social media icons
    • Icon-topR, small version 
      example image of small social media icons
  2. Download social media icon(s) 
  3. Log into your Drupal site 
  4. Choose the page you would like to update
  5. Select the Text Area you would like to edit or simply drag & drop a Text Area to begin editing. 
  6. Click the Edit button to open the Text Area section 
    Text Area edit button
  7. The following pop up should appear:  
    media library icon


8. Click on the Media Library button to add the social media icons.

9. Select the social media icon you’d like to use and style it to your liking. 

10. Once you're happy with the styling of the icon, save the page!

Social Media Icons Folder: for media library