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Paragraphs are the new tools to create much of the content on your website!

They are Drupal tools that allows you to “chunk” your content beyond the simple use of a Text Area. Paragraphs are content elements that you can put on a page yourself. Paragraphs include options like Text Area (the Text Area of your Drupal 9 website), Card, Image/Media, and Banner. 

Paragraphs provide the site manager or contributor the flexibility to organize and order the content in multiple ways; instead of putting all the content in one Text Area. This can all be done within the page edit screen. 

Paragraphs include the following types:

text icon


Text Area

banner icon



card icon



media icon


Media with Caption

Teaser Paragraph Icon



Lists Paragraph Icon



Image Gallery Icon


Image Gallery

Spacer Icon




What are Drupal Paragraphs?  

In Drupal 7 and preceding versions, the main power tool for content creation in your hands as a content creator was the text area on your page. This area was the home for text, images, tables, and just about anything you wanted to put on your page, outside of working with technical partners to create and place blocks. 

In Drupal 8+, you still have the option to use a text area in the form of the Text Area Paragraph, but you also have new tools, new content containers, and new ways to put that content on your pages. 

Paragraph Types are content containers that allow you to create "chunks" of content throughout your site. With Drupal 8+ paragraphs, you are now free to place a Text Area Paragraph on a page, followed by a Card Paragraph, followed by another Text Area Paragraph, and then a Banner Paragraph. The main idea with Paragraph Types, is that they create the flexibility for you to put content on your page in different visual displays.