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Style media within Text Area

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When displaying most media, you can choose where it displays (left, center, or right), and you can choose the size.

  1. Edit the page you would like to update: 
  2. Click the Edit  button to open the Text Area section: 
  3. Navigate to the Media item and hover over the image. The Edit media button should appear.
    Select the Edit media button.
    edit image
  4. The following pop up should appear:
    edit media information
    The choices vary between media types. The example photo above is specific for images.
  5. Once you’ve filled out and selected your preferences, hit Save.

Media "Display" Options:

The display options in the Edit Media dialogue box allow you to select how you want to display your images.

  • When selecting one of the “Large”, or “Medium” options, your media will scale within that “container” size. So if the container is marked as 480px by 480px, your image will scale within that container and retain its original shape. So if you have a long skinny option, it will scale down inside of the 480px width, but retain it’s “skinny-ness”. 
  • Circle option: note that this display style is deliberately “small”. It is intended to be used for headshots that you would like to feel more stylized inside your Text Area, like this example: 
    circle image example

Layout Options within Text Area 

Before you begin, please make sure you have the necessary images uploaded and inserted into the text area. If not, you can find instructions on how to upload and insert an image into the text area here

  1. Assuming you have your selected image within the text area, add the preferred corresponding text beneath the image. 
    image with text example
  2. Hover over the image and click edit media. A popup should appear with media editing options.
  3. Under Align, select the radio checkbox of either the left or right alignment.
    • If you have selected left align for the image, you will want to have the text right align.
      example of image right align
    • If you have selected right align for the image,  you will want to have the text left align.
      example of left align text
  4. Once you are happy with the image alignment, save the page!

Example of Media aligned with text:


Right align image with left align text wrap

Corgi running alongside a terrier

Doggo ipsum many pats long water shoob very hand that feed shibe stop it fren, long woofer. Bork pats heckin heckin angery woofer boofers shoober yapper, you are doin me a concern aqua doggo you are doin me a concern pupper borkf, you are doin me a concern blep long woofer heckin good boys and girls yapper.



Left align image with right aligned text wrap

Cloud like dog sitting by a vibrant teal lake

Borkdrive very taste wow wow very biscit wrinkler, doing me a frighten. What a nice floof clouds super chub porgo tungg heckin good boys doing me a frighten, very taste wow many pats shoober noodle horse you are doing me the shock.