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Stanford Sites Drupal 9 provides a number of content options that are significantly more flexible than Drupal 7, while the customize design (thematic options) are to be released in future versions of the product. To you, this means that you’ll want to focus design attention on content element options, namely Paragraphs. 

What are Paragraphs?

Paragraphs are a Drupal tool that allows you to “chunk” your content beyond the simple use of a Text Area. Paragraphs are content elements that you can put on a page yourself. Paragraphs include options like Text Area (the Text Area of your Drupal 7 website), Card, Image/Media, and Banner. 

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How do I style my typography? 

The most flexible tool you have with a variety of typography styles is included in the Text Area Paragraph type. This Paragraph is synonymous with Drupal 7’s basic page Text Area. 

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What are image styles? 

The Drupal 9 product includes a number of different ways to add images and media. Some paragraphs like Cards and Banners include specific image sizes and constraints. Other paragraphs like Text Area provide a variety of image style options for you to select from and use throughout your text. 

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Are page layout options provided? 

The basic architecture of your page layouts is largely an outcome of where the pages exist in your sitemap in combination with how you choose to put Paragraphs on your pages. Your homepage is a “full width” (from edge to edge of your browser) that allows you to place Paragraphs one after another in a column. Each of the Paragraphs provides different options for text alignment, images, overlay text, etc. Interior pages — or pages that sit below your homepage in your sitemap — are left-aligned pages displaying your secondary and tertiary navigation in the left sidebar of your page where this “sub-navigation” exists. 

Do I have choices for color? 

At this time, our Drupal 9 product does not offer a lot of flexibility with color selection. The product’s visual design — or theme — comes with a default out-of-the-box color system refined for achieving brand and accessibility standards. There are plans to provide more thematic color options in future versions of our product.