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How-to: Drupal Paragraphs

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The content creation in our Stanford Sites Drupal platform provides you quite a bit more flexibility in your content creation because of the opportunity to use Drupal Paragraphs. 

What are Drupal Paragraphs?  

In Drupal 7 and preceding versions, the main power tool for content creation in your hands as a content creator was the text area on your page. This area was the home for text, images, tables, and just about anything you wanted to put on your page, outside of working with technical partners to create and place blocks. 

In Drupal 8+, you still have the option to use a text area in the form of the Text Area Paragraph, but you also have new tools, new content containers, and new ways to put that content on your pages. 

Paragraph Types are content containers that allow you to create "chunks" of content throughout your site. With Drupal 8+ paragraphs, you are now free to place a Text Area Paragraph on a page, followed by a Card Paragraph, followed by another Text Area Paragraph, and then a Banner Paragraph. The main idea with Paragraph Types, is that they create the flexibility for you to put content on your page in different visual displays. 

How do I use Drupal Paragraphs? 

Our Stanford Sites Drupal User Guide is packed full of all of the information you need to create and use Drupal Paragraph Types. 

Learn more about creating Drupal Paragraphs

Examples of Drupal Paragraphs

Text Area Paragraph

The Text Area Paragraph is the meat and potatoes Paragraph you'll inevitably use across your website (as generally speaking, the majority of Stanford websites are for text purposes). The Text Area Paragraph includes all of the options you'll need to display your text through the "Normal" menu and "Styles" menu. You can set the different alignment of your text, add links (and style those links as buttons or action links), add images and video, unordered or ordered lists, tables, and quotes. You can learn about all of these options in our Text Area Styles page

Learn about the style options for the Text Area Paragraph

Banner Paragraph 

The banner paragraph comes with optional fields for a superhead, headline, short body, and button. It displays a long, wide image with text in a container on top of the image. Note: you also have the option for a banner at the top of all of your pages, to display directly below your header and navigation, and above your page title. Look for this option at the top of your editing tool, directly below the page title field. 

Learn more about creating the Banner Paragraph

researcher in lab

The fight against bacterial infections enters the 21st century

A 100-year-old test that takes days to complete is the current norm for identifying bacteria and the correct antibiotic for treatment. Researchers are working to find a better way.


Card Paragraph 

The Card Paragraph provides you the option to add images and text, with a visual style that is offset from other content. Our out-of-the-box platform has designed this "card" to include a white background container, with a slight drop shadow that encompasses the content of the image and text. This display makes the Card Paragraph, look like a card. 

Learn more about creating the Card Paragraph