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Introduction to Stanford Sites

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Stanford Sites is a free, self-service tool for building and managing websites for university work. It offers design flexibility, integration with Stanford systems, and substantial functionality through Drupal. Websites are hosted in the cloud on a system designed for fast performance and high availability.


  • Stanford Web Services team members


The following is the outline for the Introduction to Stanford Sites training session. This session will walk you through the terminology we use when talking about Stanford Sites, common site building tasks, and resources for taking the next steps.

This is not a hands-on training, but you can walk through these steps along with us on your own Drupal site if you wish.

We will be using a training session demo site for this training.

View the training session demo site

How To:

Page Anatomy

paragraph types
  1. Additional Terminology
  2. Logging in
  3. Edit an existing page
  4. Edit an existing paragraph
  5. Add a new paragraph
  6. Adding multiple paragraph per row 
  7. Add a spacer
  8. Rearrange paragraphs
  9. Delete paragraph
  10. Add a new page
  11. Place the page in a menu
  12. Place the page in a sub-menu
  13. Adding media
  14. Modify the Local Footer
  15. Update site settings
  16. Launch


Next Steps