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Manage User Accounts and Permissions

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As a Site Manager, you can add new users and assign permission levels or "roles" for users with a validate SUNet ID.

Add New Users

  1. Navigate to Users > Add User

    user account
  2. Click on + Add a SUNetID User. This will take you to Add SAML User form.

  3. Fill in the form fields. The SUNetID is required.

  4. To grant permissions, select one or more of the options under Roles.

  5. Click on Add SUNetID User.

  6. Message will display at the top of the page if you have successfully created the SSO account.

    Successfully created SSO account for vflores7

Manage User Permissions or "Roles"

Site Managers have permission to assign site manager, site editor, or contributor roles to existing users.

  1. Navigate to Users from the admin toolbar: [your site url]/admin/users (i.e.
  2. Locate the user you would like to edit.
  3. In the operations column, click Edit to update the user account:
  4. On the Edit page, scroll down to the Roles section. Check the preferred role for the user account:
    Edit User Checkbox
  5. Click Save to update the user account. You should be returned to the People page and be greeted with a message saying that the changes have been saved.

Cancel User Account

Cancelling a user account will delete the account from the site. It is possible to stop someone from logging in by blocking their account

  1. From a site manager account, select Users from the admin toolbar:

  2. In the operations column, click edit for the selected user:
  3. To the right of the Save button, click Cancel account for the selected user:
    Cancel user account link
  4. You are directed to a confirmation page. 
    Stanford Web Services recommends using the default option to Disable the account and keep its content.
  5. Click Cancel account.

Block User Account

If you want to stop someone from logging in, consider blocking the account.

  1. On the user edit page under Status click Blocked
  2. Save