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Release Notes

Welcome to the User Guide Release Notes section.

If you are interested in staying up to date with Stanford Web Services' releases, you can also find us @sws_releases on Twitter.

Stanford Sites v1.0.1 Released — 03.27.2020

This is a minor release containing several bug fixes and small updates. If any of these changes fail to display or work for you, please clear both your browser's cache.

New Features


  • New module: drupal/paranoia
  • Updated versions on many Drupal modules.

React Paragraphs

  • Users can alternative text to media through the media browser. 
  • Users can now add more than one paragraph type per row.

Stanford Media

  • Users can now use videos in Card paragraph types.
  • Users cannot delete media if the media is in use.

Stanford Profile

  • Site managers can now assign the site manager role to other users.
  • Site managers should now be able to access the all Media page.
  • Additional styles have been added to the Text Area.
  • Various layout and UI updates.
  • Image metatags now use higher resolution images.
  • Image styles for media library:
    • New image styles include large square, medium square, thumbnail square
    • Now, for large, medium, and thumbnail image styles, the width is fixed, the height is not, and labels were updated to reflect the change in dimensions.
  • We adopted a convention for spacing in the WYSIWYG: We use one direction for margins, that is we only use margin-bottom and margin-left. If we need additional spacing on the top, we use padding-top, never margin-top.
  • Added Drupal security module Paranoia.
  • Added “alt” text to our default content.

Stanford SPP

  • Stanford Web Services’ internal role mapping has been updated to the web team only.
  • The login screen has been improved for user experience.
  • Added a redirection route from /sso/login to /saml_login

Bug Fixes

React Paragraphs

  • The CKEditor should no longer lag when the user begins to add text. 

Stanford Profile