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List of Known Issues

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Before reporting an issue, please review the list of known issues and our Drupal Project timeline to see if the Stanford Web Services team is already aware of the issue.

If you find an issue that isn't listed, please submit a bug report through the Services portal.

Currently as of April 14, 2022

Requested Features

The following features have been requested. 

  • Ability to add an FAQ or accordion-style to content (coming soon)
  • Access Control/Private page for intranets (coming soon)
  • Subsite/Microsite support (coming soon)
  • Equal paragraph type heights for multiple-paragraphs-per-row
  • Support for nested taxonomies for Events and News
  • Alert editors when someone else is editing the same page
  • Alternate display options for Events, News, and People list pages
  • Provide a login button when there is not a local footer
  • Alternate display options for Media items, tables, and cards
  • Ability to change the title for Events, News, and People dynamic pages
  • Ability to tailor site search for specific terms and uses
  • Support for row variants, such as background colors
  • Ability to add secondary menus to Event, Event series, People, and News pages
  • Support for Twitter summary cards
  • Support for Twitter feeds

Known issues

Updated 5/23/22

The following are bugs or issues already in the backlog.

Courses Importer

  • Multiple instance of a course are displayed in the end-user display (on the default list page and other list views through List Paragraph).

Anchor Links

  • The anchor link looks like a regular link, however, when you click on it nothing happens. See How do I create a jump-to link for a workaround.
  • Anchor link displays an external link arrow if it is on the same link as a heading.
  • Anchor link is removed from the WYSIWYG editor if you attempt to drag it somewhere else in the text area.


  • If an image has been added to a text paragraph as a smaller size editors cannot select “Edit Media” to make any adjustments. 
  • Display of person image on wide screens needs adjustment.
  • When adding Media, CTA to Select Files will sometimes timeout.
    When this occurs, close the add media modal, click add media and then Select file.

Lang attribute

  • The lang attribute is duplicated when used on a <p>.
  • Additionally, The WYSIWYG will strip out spans such as <span lang="fr">Bonjour!</span>. It is necessary to add the lang attribute to a <p>

For example:

<p>This page is written in English.</p>
<p lang="fr">Sauf pour ce qui est écrit en mauvais français.</p>

Workaround: Edit using Source to add the language tag.

Menus and Navigation

  • Editors cannot nest unpublished pages in the navigation menu using the in-page menu tool.
  • Sub-navigation not available on News, Events, and People pages for desktop users without dropdown menus enabled.
  • Drupal sitemap.xml 'Last modification date' column doesn't sort correctly.
  • Moving a nested menu item via the link edit form or node edit form does not update menu of the children.
  • The hover link text for menu items doesn't display in the sidebar menu on desktop.
  • When using links to the same page in a submenu, you may experience issues around the nested navigation items displaying. 

News, Events, People

  • News date and image overlap in custom layout builder news block.
  • Speaker display missing from Event schedule.
  • Importing previously deleted profiles from (CAP) sometimes fails.
  • Stanford Profiles images marked as "Stanford Only" are not currently pulling to intranet person pages.
  • When creating two or more clones of Events or News and incrementing them by the publishing date or time, the date/time will only increment once. All the clones will have the same date/time. See How do I Clone Content? for more information.
  • When creating a clone of a Person profile page, the Prepand Cloned Titles field does not function. All Person clones will have the same name. See How do I Clone Content? for more information.


  • When changing the citation style on the default Publication List page from Chicago to APA citation style, the Filter by Topics list pages will remain listed in Chicago style.

     Changing citation style on the default Publications List page: If you change the citation style from Chicago to APA on the default Publications List page, you must also change the citation style for the Publication Topics. Log in to your site, go to Structure >> Taxonomy >> Publications Topics.

Publications Importer (experimental):

  • Some special characters are not recognized by the importer and result in odd characters being added after the import. Reviewing the imported publications and fixing characters manually after import is one possible work around.

​​Text Area

  • Right-clicking on a URL link in a text area displays "Edit Link" and "Unlink" twice. See issue on
  • Internal/external headings that are links have differing font-weights applied (700 vs. 600).
  • Extra margin/padding in text paragraphs.


  • Icons are missing in the UI


  • Site owners cannot delete badly formed user account.
  • The Non-Discrimination Policy link in the global footer needs to be updated (currently a redirect is in place.)
  • You must have layout builder turned off to display banner images in full width.

Recent Fixes

See the Release Notes for more information about recent bug fixes.