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Adding media within the Text Area

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  1. Within the Text Area, click on the add media button:
    Text Area Media Button
    This will cause a popup to appear, which will display all uploaded media, and provide you the option to upload your own new media on the site:
    Add or select media modal
  2. Select the type of media you would like to insert from the top-left tab menu:
    • Image
    • Embeddable
    • File
    • Google Form
    • Video
      add media modal options
  3. Add media from the existing library of media on your site
    • Select any of the media already uploaded to your site, displayed in the popup below the “Add file” option. (Please note, you may need to scroll down inside the “Add or select media” popup.)
      Upload select images
  4. Once you’ve selected the media, click on the Insert selected button:
    insert select image button
  5. Alternatively, to add your own images, locate your image on your computer drive. Once you find the image you would like to upload
    • You can drag and drop the image within the dotted lined box.
    • Or, you can click Select files to find and upload a locally stored image.
      drag image into media uploader
  6. After the image uploads, click Upload and Continue
    Your uploaded image should appear as the first item below the “Add file” section, in the Media Library section
  7. Select the image and click Insert Selected
    *To style the image, see How do I style the media.
  8. Click Save to view the published page.